Who We Are

The Pendulum Gallery is located on in the heart of downtown, in the public atrium located in the HSBC building across from the V.A.G. and the Hotel Vancouver. A unique gallery in conception and operation, we run an ongoing exhibition program, with a wide range of shows that appeal to both dedicated and casual art viewers

The gallery evolved out of an agreement between the City of Vancouver and the original owner to provide a public cultural facility inside the private office building when it was constructed in 1986. At first envisioned as a performance venue, a moveable wall and display case system was added in the mid 1990’s, at which point the space became focused on the visual arts and the Pendulum Gallery was born. In 2015 a new display system was built that includes an adaptable wall system, dedicated lighting, and wireless security.


Our focus is twofold – to both open up the programming to allow for outside groups or individuals to mount an exhibition and to put together a number of gallery initiated projects and collaborations. Here you see shows you might not normally see in a gallery setting - public art projects, historical photos, fashion, graphic, architecture and urban design, little-known or underrepresented artist and arts communities from the region.

We have an ongoing exhibition program with 12-14 exhibitions each year. There are essentially 2 types of exhibitions - those that come to us from outside groups and individuals and those that the gallery generates. Our mandate is to hold exhibits that one may not see elsewhere or that may not be suitable for other more strictly visual arts venues - public art projects, historical photos, fashion, graphic, architecture and urban design, underrepresented arts communities in the city etc.  The curated exhibitions, 4-5 each year, tend to be single artists, or small groups shows, with the focus on young or lesser known artists who may not have had much exposure, but who are doing interesting work.


The Gallery is self-funded, acting on a cost-recovery basis, raising income from Exhibition Fees, Special Events and Receptions, Operation of a Café, and yearly rental of Display Windows on Hornby. We are considered a non-profit, and do not receive any government grants or funding, nor any corporate sponsorship. Although we are not a commercial gallery, artists are welcome to sell their work. However, sales of art in exhibitions is not our focus, and as such, we mount exhibitions that may not have any commercial component at all, giving us the opportunity to program a wide range of displays.