The Sculptors’ Society of BC is a non-profit organization and registered charity of professional sculptors dedicated to promoting sculpture in British Columbia. Through their exhibitions and other activities, the SSBC raises public awareness of sculptors, their techniques, and the themes of their work.

This exhibition is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sculptors' Society of BC as an arts organization serving its' members and the sculpture community of BC. 27 artists will be taking part in the exhibition which will showcase a diverse range of artistic techniques and fabrication processes in the creations of sculptures in ceramics, bronze, wood, stone, metal and mixed-media.

Amin Belaghi | Anyuta Gusakova | Bill Thomson | Bruce Kleeberger | Claire Murgatroyd | Claudine Gevry | Cliff Vincenzi David Dumbrell | Diane Roy | James Fletcher | John Clinton | Ken Clarke | Kim Cooper | Laurent Maynard | Linda Schmidt Lynden Beesley | Michelle McCutheon | Parveneh Roudgar | Ron Simmer | Sharon Reay | Stefan Rogenmoser | Sylvia Escobedo | Suzy Birstein | Tariq Kakar | Vivian Chiu | YouRen Yan | Wei Cheng