METHODS is a survey of artist Jolinda Linden’s themes and working methodology developed during her career as a porcelain-based artist. Her practice is based in a dedicated and determined exploration into the properties of clay, which she pushes to its artistic and physical limits. Underlying her process is an approach which limits the formal qualities of the imagery to explore and develop a deeper relationship with raw materials and their ultimate capabilities. Accordingly, Linden restricts herself to a specific porcelain, a few tools, clear glazes and a largely mono or duo chromatic palate. Through this austere exploration, informed by scientific empiricism, Linden achieves artistic freedom in a space she considers both a laboratory and a studio. It is science that recognizes the infinite array of variables, a practiced technique that allows her to translate those variables into the specific Methods, and a unique creative vision that combine these elements into a finished composition.

This exhibition provides the public with an opportunity to see new works that explore her latest interest in materials and imagery, and older works that have laid the foundation for her current creative direction. Viewers who are familiar with Linden’s career will see in the new works an homage to Methods she has mastered in past artworks. Those encountering her work for the first time will notice the continuity and foundation provided by her adherence to a well-stocked tool belt of Methods, and her ability to combine complex meaning with science-based investigation.

Image: Jolinda Linden, Soup Can (Warhol Tribute), 2022
58x40”, Porcelain