A pop-up exhibition from this well-known Victoria, BC based Gallery that has recently come under the artistic direction of new ownership. This show combines new gallery artists Boudreault and Stovall with long time house artists Perehudoff and Thauberger in an exhibition that pays tribute to the past but looks ahead to the future of the gallery programming.

Who. What. Where. picks up on three main strands of artistic practice, showcasing the range and diversity of Winchester’s stable of artists. The Who is explored in the figurative works of Louis Boudreault and Jason Stovall – Boudreault with his large-scale portraits of famous artists and political figures as young children; Stovall with his Fauvist exploration of the human figure overlaid with expressions of being queer in a conservative and religious Alberta.

The What is represented by the abstract works of William Perehudoff (1918-2013). Well known for his achievements in Colour Field painting and recognized as one of the top 20th c. abstract painters in Canada, he spent his life in Saskatchewan, working both in his studio on canvas-based paintings and undertaking public mural commissions.

David Thauberger provides the Where. Well-known for his iconic paintings of vernacular architecture and culturally significant places in the small towns and rural areas of Saskatchewan, Thauberger’s work has a realist sensibility overlaid with bright colours and intense light that shares affinities with elements found in pop art. His art celebrates and gives attention to overlooked buildings that are none-the-less full of style and charm, allowing us to see these places with fresh eyes.

Image: David Thauberger, Moon-Drop, 2019