Jay Senetchko
A Painter’s Process

While known primarily as a painter, Jay Senetchko’s practice can also be situated in a broader material context and process that includes photography, digital media, collage, performance and installation. A Painter’s Process demonstrates Senetchko’s diversity in concept, subject matter and medium, from recent large-scale spectacle infused painting, through sequential self-portraits, prosaic still-life, and small-scale drawings and collages.

Organized as a focused examination of the artist’s process, rather than an inclusive retrospective, the exhibition features works from the past ten years that highlight specific re-occurring subject matter and conceptual approaches in Senetchko’s practice, while inserting studies and outliers into the mix. Also on view : personal selections from his Phantoms in the Front Yard colleagues, whose collective endeavour to push the boundaries of figurative art has given Senetchko the opportunity to present his more experimental works.