Simeon Posen
Coast to Coast to Coast

In Coast to Coast to Coast, Toronto-based photographer Simeon Posen presents two series of works taken across Canada over the last few decades. In the first we can see Posen’s meticulous technique combined with a poetic examination of natural elements – earth air water – in a range of images from close-cropped details to sweeping panoramas.

In the Midway Lights series, he utilizes the funfair games and ride-based entertainments found in urban and sub-urban areas across Canada. These photographs capture both the unique architectural form contained in the structures and the dynamic energy of the rides, recording their patterns of movement as they weave lines across the night sky. Shot using a Pentax camera with 400 film, Posen allows us to experience the sensation of speed and motion in a still image.

This series of works provide the viewer with contrasting images of movement and stillness, urban and natural and combined with his exceptional handling of textures and tonal range push some images into near abstraction. His work reminds us that how we look at things is a function of how we frame them, and that the camera is a unique tool for uncovering the fundamental and personal nature of the world.