Receptions and Special Events

The Pendulum Gallery provides opportunities for Reception and Special Events to be held in the Atrium. The loading capacity of the space is 300 people with an exhibition and 500 with no exhibition in place.

For both exhibitor and non-exhibitor receptions, the gallery provides the space only; all other costs and coordination are the responsibility of group holding Reception or Event. If liquor is to be served, the event coordinator will need to obtain a Special Occasion License and hold a “Serving it Right” certificate from the BCLCB, and carry personal liability insurance of 5 million for the event itself.

 BCLCB Special Event Permits

For exhibitors, evening receptions are included in the cost of the rental provided they take place on a Thursday or Friday evening. Receptions requested on evenings other than Thursday or Friday are under jurisdiction of the Owner and additional charges apply. Receptions are to run between the hours of 6-8 pm only, with clear out by 10 pm. Licensees are charged by the Owner at the rate of $300/100 people for extra security and janitorial services on the evening of the reception event. This is a mandatory charge.

For non-exhibitors, the standard fee for a reception or special event not related to an exhibition on display is $1750.

Exhibition material is not removed or relocated for reception or special events.

Evening Receptions are to run 6-8 pm with all cleared out by 10pm, unless agreed in advance with the Curator.

Daytime Receptions can take place on Saturdays if approved by Coordinator. These events are to be a maximum of 4 hours in duration, with clear-out by 5pm.

As the gallery is open to the public until 9 pm on Thursday and Friday evenings, and until 5pm on Saturdays, any reception and special events that take place on a Thursday or Friday evening or on Saturday afternoons have to allow access into the space.

Moving in and Setting up

All deliveries of equipment, furniture, food and beverages etc. is to take place no earlier than 2 pm on the day of the Event. All deliveries are to be neatly stacked and temporarily stored behind the Pendulum sculpture, near the loading-in bays off Georgia Street (see Designated Area Plan). All materials are to be left here until 5 pm at which time set-up can commence.

Set-up is not to start before 5 pm on the day of the event. If special materials (sound, lighting, decorations etc.) are required to be installed prior to this time, the Curator is to be informed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any installation so as to enable notification of building and tenants.

Delivery and setting up times and restrictions for Saturday afternoon receptions will be on an individual event basis and be outlined in the exhibition / rental agreement

Moving or relocating tables and chairs is to be done only with the prior permission of the Curator. All furniture that is moved for an event is to be replaced in same position prior to vacating premises at end of event.

No material, food, beverage containers or furniture etc. is to be stacked, leaned or placed on surfaces or walls of the café.

No material, food, beverage containers or furniture etc. is to be stored, stacked, leaned or placed in front of the glass wall across from the café.

Except for temporary storage of pick-up and delivery of catering supplies and materials, no materials, furniture, equipment etc. is to be located in RBC zone, east of central atrium – see Designated Area Plan.

Food & Beverage and Stage Areas

Food and beverage serving tables are to set up in such a way as to not disrupt circulation through the building. Exact placement of bar service, tables and catering prep areas are to be approved by Curator prior to the Event. The staff doors for the Cafe Sciue are not to be blocked.

Stage area for speakers, presentations etc. is to approved by curator prior to event, and is dependent on any exhibition layout and maintaining use of existing tables and chairs.

Clean up and Rental Pick-ups

All material brought in for event is to be removed prior to vacating the premises that evening. All garbage generated by the event is to be removed off site after the conclusion of the event.

All furniture rentals, glasses, plates etc. that need to be picked up by suppliers the following day are to be neatly stacked and temporarily stored in area behind Pendulum sculpture at the conclusion of the event. Pick up of these items is to take place before 9 am the day after the reception or event.