David Blackwood A Compelling Narrative
January 23 – February 10, 2017

David Blackwood A Compelling Narrative David Blackwood’s depictions of the life, the landscape, and the people of Newfoundland have produced a body of work which holds a special place in the Canadian imagination. His hauntingly beautiful images have come to represent to many of us the essence of Newfoundland’s landscape and traditional culture.

Rojia Dadashzadeh & Allison Hardy – The Garden
February 14 – March 10, 2017

Rojia Dadashzadeh & Allison Hardy The Garden Gardens, both as form and idea, have had a major impact on the development of visual art. Landscape Painting is a genre into itself. Gardens are used as metaphor and setting, place and non-place, and as a subject for developing themes on the relationship between man and nature…. Read more »

News Photographers Association of Canada – Pictures of the Year
March 20 – April 13, 2017

News Photographers Association of Canada Pictures of the Year In today’s embattled media landscape, a thriving photojournalism community is critical. The need for photojournalists to maintain high standards and impeccable ethics in their work is vital to a well-informed public. The aim of providing both accurate and honest work is the primary mandate of the… Read more »

Robert Earnest – Last Night
April 17 – May 12, 2017

Robert Earnest Last Night Robert Earnest is a professional photographer who was trained in California and is based in Vancouver. In 2013, a car accident interrupted his professional life and led to an extended period of late night wanderings for rehabilitation. These wanderings, mostly in the early dawn after the night time revelers but before… Read more »

Ewan McNeil – New Paintings
May 15 – June 10, 2017

Ewan McNeil New Paintings Known for his B&W paintings of architectural archetypes, Ewan McNeil’s new work looks at sources of abstract form in relation to contemporary and historic buildings and structures. Highlighting and defining the shapes he uncovers, McNeil brings these forward in poppy-electric colours and high contrast juxtapositions, riffing on the source B&W paintings… Read more »

David Robinson – The Conditional Figure
June 19 – July 21, 2017

David Robinson The Conditional Figure Sculptor David Robinson has been a force in the Canadian art scene for the last 25 years. Based in Vancouver, he is known for his conceptually and physically complex works that are outstanding contemporary examples of a type of humanist realism that engages with fundamental, often spiritual questions of the… Read more »