Sungseok Ahn | Gabi Dao | Pendarvis Harshaw & Brendon Tauszik | Aaron Leon | Anthony Lepore | Diane Meyer | Alp Peker | Gloria Wong | Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez

On Time considers the ways in which contemporary lens-based artists have challenged the inextricably linked relationship between time and photography, and the traditional notion that an image captures a single moment outside the temporal flow. Throughout their work, the artists in this exhibition ask questions around how photographs can be durational, provide context, and point to what happens before and after. How can practitioners collaborate with time or make time an ally in conveying their message?

These artists weave the concept of time into their work; playing with its perception, making it malleable and considering it in relation to memory. They examine archives, bring together different points in history, and embed lived experiences, such as the passing of time. Ultimately, this exhibition asks how lens-based practices can be used to investigate the myriad ways we can experience time and deconstruct the meaning it holds?

Aaron Leon, Untitled 6 (Altered Landscape Series), 2013-20
76.2 x 101.6cm
Chromogenic print