The Lantern City Chigiri-e: The Language of Paper
February 5 – March 1, 2024

The Lantern City

The Lantern City is a celebration of the Lunar New Year taking place in various locations across Vancouver in February. Artists from a wide-range of creative and cultural backgrounds work with the festival to produce large-scale illuminated lanterns featuring their artwork. Pendulum Gallery is participating in the Festival for the first time this year and… Read more »

Hugh Kearney – Big Boy and his Adventures at the Circus
March 4 – March 28, 2024

Hugh Kearney

Over the course of the 20th Century, art movements such as Surrealism, Cubism, De Stijl and Colour Field, have put forward their interpretations of abstraction. Contemporary artists working with Abstraction today largely derive their styles and techniques from these and other historical movements. Over the last 100-plus years, abstraction has proven to be one of… Read more »

Capture Photography – Festival On Time
April 1 – May 3, 2024

Pendulum Gallery

Sungseok Ahn | Gabi Dao | Pendarvis Harshaw & Brendon Tauszik | Aaron Leon | Anthony Lepore | Diane Meyer | Alp Peker | Gloria Wong | Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez On Time considers the ways in which contemporary lens-based artists have challenged the inextricably linked relationship between time and photography, and the traditional notion that… Read more »

Sculptors’ Society of BC — 50th Anniversary Exhibition
May 13 – June 7, 2024


The Sculptors’ Society of BC is a non-profit organization and registered charity of professional sculptors dedicated to promoting sculpture in British Columbia. Through their exhibitions and other activities, the SSBC raises public awareness of sculptors, their techniques, and the themes of their work. This exhibition is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sculptors’… Read more »