This exhibition brings together two artists whose work, while based in different processes and conceptual concerns, are more fully read and understood in the context of the other. It is the frisson contained in their seemingly opposing natures that creates a place for a dialogue of meaning and purpose.

Taylor who works mainly as sculptor, develops her works in spontaneous, in-the-moment ways, working through the form of her pieces as she makes them; Phan creates tightly structured paintings of repeating and undulating lines, planning the final works through preliminary sketches and small paintings.Taylor’s surfaces are covered in a riot of painted colour and ink lines ; Phan uses colour in a symbolic and meditative way, and the paintings often contain an underlying pulse or glow created through the subtle addition of contrasting colours underneath the surface patterning.

Painting vs sculpture; meditative vs. active; restrained vs. exuberant; abstraction vs cubism; the works of these two artists seem opposed to each other. But underlying the differences in the work, are qualities that link them ; a sense of pre-language communication; remnants of movement contained within and under the surfaces, and traces of body-memory embedded within the art object.

Bernadette Phan
Midnight Dip, 2023
Oil on canvas