Jaiden George | Khim Hipol | Tom Hsu | Alexine McLeod | Dana Qaddah | Issac Thomas | Ian Wallace | Gloria Wong | Jin-me Yoon | Karen Zalamea

Here and Now celebrates Capture’s tenth anniversary by commissioning ten local artists to create new lens-based artworks. These artists, selected for their varied approaches to the medium, have each been asked to respond in some way to this place – by considering the landscape, history, people, or culture – with an aim to producing a dynamic exhibition that revels in the diversity of the city itself.

Including emerging, mid-career, and senior artists who live and work in Vancouver, Here and Now includes expansive investigations into the histories of this place, the material culture here, the changing streetscapes, cultural inheritance, and sites of leisure: intangible but formative elements of the city. This Featured Exhibition, Here and Now, presents the myriad ways in which contemporary artists are deploying the medium today.

Image: Jaiden George, Hinkiicims, Digitization Studio, 2023; inkjet print; c. the Artist