Born and raised in Vancouver, Jack Procter has been making art for over 50 years. A self-taught artist, Procter has been developing and honing his art-making skills throughout his life. Often unable to afford the luxury of traditional paint and other art making materials, he employs salvaged objects, found materials, and industrial products in his inventive art making. He often uses inexpensive industrial materials in his work like sheet metal, enamel and house paint. Influenced by the work of Alexander Calder, The Group of Seven and Frank Stella, Procter’s work also reflects complex intercultural references. With Procter, one might sense the organic symmetry of Inuit or German folk art, or the vibrating compositions of Surrealism or the playfully expressive shapes and vibrant palettes of Henri Matisse or Yayoi Kusama. Into the Unknown features outstanding examples of his work through a curated collection of his abstract paintings, sculptures, collages and mobiles.

Image: Jack Procter, Death Star (mobile), enamel on wood and metal, 36x36x36”