Jack Procter—Into the Unknown
Feb 7 – Mar 3, 2023

Jack Procter—Death Star (mobile)

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jack Procter has been making art for over 50 years. A self-taught artist, Procter has been developing and honing his art-making skills throughout his life. Often unable to afford the luxury of traditional paint and other art making materials, he employs salvaged objects, found materials, and industrial products in his… Read more »

Habitual — David Vegt & MW Bowen
Mar 6 – Mar 24, 2023

This two-person exhibition presents a series of portraits focusing on people who live and work in East Vancouver, highlighting the significant contributions being made to the cultural landscape by this diverse and talented community. These intimate paintings give a personal insight the lives of a fashion pioneer, a tattoo artist, a baker and many more,… Read more »