Connie Sabo — information + impression

Connie Sabo is a Vancouver based artist with a studio practice in mixed media, sculpture, and installation. Her work examines life cycles and sustainability, combining these concepts with identity and personal narratives. The interconnectedness of the past, present, and future is a theme throughout her work, even as she challenges the physicality, cultural history, and traditions associated with her chosen materials and techniques. Her process is a regimen - meditative and obsessive, embracing and transforming the mundane.

Building on the language and ideas contained in her ongoing series of large-scale installations, Sabo weaves hand twisted newspaper into net-like constructions that hang and drape throughout the gallery space. information + impression examines the dichotomy of how information can enlighten us as well as contain and control us. Impressions formed by the information we receive become the basis our beliefs and actions, defining who we are as individuals and as a society.