Eastside Culture Crawl — Surfacing

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of The Eastside Culture Crawl, and this year the open-studio event has expanded to downtown Vancouver, where the Pendulum Gallery will host one part of the multi-venue curated exhibition, Surfacing. The curatorial team of Paul de Guzman, Alannah Edwards and Connie Sabo have selected key works by Crawl artists who are participating in the Eastside Culture Crawl and whose work responds to the creative impulses and concerns unleashed by the Pandemic. This exhibition chronicles the impact of this world-wide event on artists practices in the City, which has been defined by a unique period of introspection and solitude. Surfacing highlights the work of artists who are emerging from forced isolation, looking for ways to reflect and re-engage with an evolving art world and the wider world of social connections and community actions.

Image: Monique Motut-Firth, New Territories; 2021