The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) presents an exhibition of nominated photographs for the 14th annual National Pictures of the Year awards. Held each year at the Pendulum Gallery, this event presents the outstanding work of NPAC members from 2020; and what a year it was.

The Covid Pandemic was front and centre though-out the year. Social Justice protests were frequent and angry. Everything went on-line. Personal contact was limited. Downtowns emptied as people shifted to working from home. Sports continued, but without live spectators. This exhibition is a chance to view a curated selection of the best images from a tumultuous year, giving witness to the ability of an image to capture lives-lived and history in the making.

The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. Through a variety of efforts, the association challenges its members to better themselves and to continually raise the bar of industry standards.

NPAC's annual National Pictures of the Year awards (NPOY), is the largest annual photo contest in Canada and presents the best work of its’ members, providing important peer review as well as helping photojournalists stay current with trends and techniques in the field.

Image: Ben Nelms / CBC