Land, Sea & Sky presents work by four of Canada’s most celebrated landscape artists from around the country: Yehouda Chaki, Greg Hardy, Ross Penhall and Danny Singer. In this pop-up exhibition by Vancouver’s Gallery Jones we experience a range of artistic and conceptual interpretations of landscape, from the small town dwarfed by a dynamic sky to the deep forest; from the vast fields of the prairies to the continent’s edges where mountains meet the sea.

In the work of Montréal-based artist Yehouda Chaki, landscape is perceived through the imagination—undefined, curving landscapes painted with warm tones blur lines between reality and fiction. Danny Singer’s composite photographs connect past and present: small buildings on main streets across the prairies stand as flickering signs of commerce in broad agricultural areas.

Ross Penhall’s distinctive oil paintings, often depicting scenes of the West Coast, expand their subject matter to include the pastoral, clean yet wild Eastern coastline of Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Works by Saskatchewan-based painter Greg Hardy explore the natural formations of land and cloudscape in the interior of the continent, drawing attention to their structures and shapes with vibrantly envisioned colours. For more information on each of the artists, please visit

Image: Greg Hardy, Another Wild One, 2013