David Robinson
The Conditional Figure

Sculptor David Robinson has been a force in the Canadian art scene for the last 25 years. Based in Vancouver, he is known for his conceptually and physically complex works that are outstanding contemporary examples of a type of humanist realism that engages with fundamental, often spiritual questions of the experience and meaning of existence. His sculptures do this through a few central premises; the universal human, our interaction with the physical world and the exploration of metaphysical ideas and their expression in form.

His works are created with virtuoso skill and an experts’ understanding of materials and form. There is always a search for balance, strength and perseverance in Robinsons’ art, demonstrated through expressive gesture and figurative interaction with architectural elements. These elements function as references to the history of sculpture itself and conceptually as physical manifestations of obstacles, doubts and crises that constantly try to upend, dislodge and obstruct us as we navigate through our lives.