Ellen Bang / Vicky Christou Monochromish MInamilistic
March 7 – March 26, 2016

Ellen Bang / Vicky Christou  Monochromish MInamilistic Bang, a sculptor creates minimal forms using wire, steel, and felt that condense sculptural ideas down to their most basic forms.  Christou, a painter, makes monochromatic relief paintings out of thick applications of paint. Together their work suggests the power of line, texture, mass and volume to convey… Read more »

Chris Gallagher Around Here
March 7 – March 26, 2016

Chris Gallagher  Around Here Chris Gallagher is an artist and film maker, whose background includes a decades long position as an Associate Professor of film at UBC. Gallagher creates vibrant photographic images from controlled time-based events, utilizing a self-developed technique termed the radial pan which creates a centrifuge-like effect. This work explores the dynamics of… Read more »

NPAC – National Pictures of the Year Finalists
March 28 – April 9, 2016

NPAC – National Pictures of the Year Finalists   As part of the city-wide Capture Photography Festival the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) presents the best in Canadian Photojournalism from 2015.